четверг, 26 января 2012 г.


John Edwards 59 Panhead

John Edwards 59 Panhead:
One of the perks of having friends who build bitchin bikes is being the first in line to photograph them. When John asked me to shoot his bike for Street Chopper my answer was automatic. "When do you want to do it." I would be crazy not to shoot his bike. When Jeff Holt said he wanted to put it on the cover I was even more excited and nervous all the same. I needed to nail a shot that was cover worthy and that is not easy, but in the end everything worked out and I was happy with the outcome. Thank you John for asking me to shoot it, Jeff Holt for wanting to publish my work and the lovely Fawn for riding on the bike to get the shot. Here are a few pictures that were in the feature and few that were not. Enjoy.